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The Famous Five and agile backlogs (with apologies to Enid Blyton)

Following on from my previous blog post about how to resuscitate a large poorly managed product backlog, the next stage is focused on defining a pragmatic model on which to structure agile backlogs. General agile product management tutorials make reference to… Continue reading →

“It’s the product owner, stupid” – recognising agile business process risk

Students of politics will recognise the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” as the pivotal tag line from the Clinton 1992 presidential campaign.  Although the origins of the phrase have been lost in the myths of political history  it was seen… Continue reading →

Joining the dots… how the ‘daily stand up’ should be impacting your agile sprint planning

The ‘daily stand-up’ meeting is a key ceremony for agile methods.  Yet few teams realize that to make the meeting truly effective requires a shift in how work for the sprint is planned. The basics of the ‘daily stand up’… Continue reading →

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