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Helping agile teams build a new product backlog? Think ‘packing list’

Roll back a few years and I was doing a awful lot of business travel from my UK home – mostly to the States,  sometimes to India and Europe.  To survive the travel grind I quickly evolved a bullet proof… Continue reading →

Agile release backlog grooming and the perfect cookie – it takes time!

One of the original views of ‘pure’ agile development proposed a model where agile teams would work on a project, delivering stories sprint by sprint, and continuing on that path until the product owner judges that sufficient business value has… Continue reading →

MVP or MMF? Know thy acronyms (KTA)

Just occasionally I get involved in a project meeting where the term ‘MVP’ is banded about, and although I’m not normally a pedant, for some reason misuse of this term seems to press my agile buttons and its very hard for… Continue reading →

“Mise en place” – what agile planning meetings can learn from great chefs

The sprint planning meeting is a key ceremony in the sprint process model, and ensuring that the right level of scrutiny is applied to the planning process is a vital factor in determining agile team success. Sprint planning happens on the first… Continue reading →

QA overhang – the nemesis of agile methods

One of the  key principles underlying agile methods is the concept of having a ‘releasable product’ at the end of each sprint.   The basic working assumption is that the product owner and sprint team agree the scope for a sprint,  with… Continue reading →

Joining the dots… how the ‘daily stand up’ should be impacting your agile sprint planning

The ‘daily stand-up’ meeting is a key ceremony for agile methods.  Yet few teams realize that to make the meeting truly effective requires a shift in how work for the sprint is planned. The basics of the ‘daily stand up’… Continue reading →

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