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September 2016

Agile release backlog grooming and the perfect cookie – it takes time!

One of the original views of ‘pure’ agile development proposed a model where agile teams would work on a project, delivering stories sprint by sprint, and continuing on that path until the product owner judges that sufficient business value has… Continue reading →

The Famous Five and agile backlogs (with apologies to Enid Blyton)

Following on from my previous blog post about how to resuscitate a large poorly managed product backlog, the next stage is focused on defining a pragmatic model on which to structure agile backlogs. General agile product management tutorials make reference to… Continue reading →

Struggling with a large agile product backlog? Ask a stranger for directions.

The other day a product owner colleague asked me for some suggestions about how to wrestle control over a large agile software product backlog that they had inherited.  The backlog had 300+ items, with entries going back over multiple years.  This triggered… Continue reading →

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