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August 2016

MVP or MMF? Know thy acronyms (KTA)

Just occasionally I get involved in a project meeting where the term ‘MVP’ is banded about, and although I’m not normally a pedant, for some reason misuse of this term seems to press my agile buttons and its very hard for… Continue reading →

“Mise en place” – what agile planning meetings can learn from great chefs

The sprint planning meeting is a key ceremony in the sprint process model, and ensuring that the right level of scrutiny is applied to the planning process is a vital factor in determining agile team success. Sprint planning happens on the first… Continue reading →

QA overhang – the nemesis of agile methods

One of the  key principles underlying agile methods is the concept of having a ‘releasable product’ at the end of each sprint.   The basic working assumption is that the product owner and sprint team agree the scope for a sprint,  with… Continue reading →

“It’s the product owner, stupid” – recognising agile business process risk

Students of politics will recognise the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” as the pivotal tag line from the Clinton 1992 presidential campaign.  Although the origins of the phrase have been lost in the myths of political history  it was seen… Continue reading →

Joining the dots… how the ‘daily stand up’ should be impacting your agile sprint planning

The ‘daily stand-up’ meeting is a key ceremony for agile methods.  Yet few teams realize that to make the meeting truly effective requires a shift in how work for the sprint is planned. The basics of the ‘daily stand up’… Continue reading →


Welcome to agile reflections. I’ve worked in the software business for more years than I care to remember , and have ‘agile’ experience going back to when the original ‘Extreme programming’ concepts were being propagated in 2001.  Some of us… Continue reading →

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